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Breitling Navitimer 01 Gold Replica Watches Review


I have always respected Breitling Replica Watches Navitimer, but it has never been a “must have a classic” in my personal collection. Now, after wearing and reviewing a new Ling Navitimer 01 watch, I have to say my opinion to look no doubt for better development, I certainly think there is a place in my collection, because Ling Navitimer once you understand this collection You begin to understand why it is so popular, why spiritual production is essentially an ancient computing device for more than 50 years. Now, if I don’t fall in love with a pure gold version of the Navitimer, that’s fine.

A few years ago, we published an article about the “Top Ten Live Legend Watches”, including the Breitling Navitimer, because of its appearance and long-term production (in some form). Today, the existence of the Breitling Navitimer is arguably the best form, including the in-house homemade Cheap Breitling Replica Watches movement. This particular version of Breitling Navitimer includes Breitling Calibre 01 – their most popular internal automatic timer (also the first internal action they released). Having said that, Breitling offers a dazzling array of Navitimer watches, so choosing the right watch is really daunting.

On the current Fake Breitling Watches website, there are eight different Navitimer models, each with a different version. The Breitling Navitimer 01 model and its 43mm wide enclosure itself come in six different styles (again, not including the limited version), depending on the shell, dial and strap options. You can choose this watch in a polished steel case or in this polished 18k red gold box. Each has a strap or bracelet (yes, there is a full gold bracelet) and some black or brown dial options. Most importantly, you can choose to use these bat-style timing markers or dials with Arabic numerals. Again, this is just the latest (non-limited edition) model of the Breitling Navitimer 01. This does not include other models such as Navitimer 01 46mm, Navitimer QP, Navitimer World and Navitimer GMT – all of which have their own unique elements and sub-species.

This means that if you have been staring at a short navigation timer for a while, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet, you will be forgiven because you are not sure which version. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you what the best Navitimer model is, but I will help you narrow down it to your needs and tastes. The first step is to calculate the size you want because Breitling Replica produces the Navitimer in the 42mm, 43mm, 46mm and 48mm ranges. From there, you need to figure out if you want an in-house sport or don’t mind a sport from the Swiss ETA and the dial and case materials you are looking for.

Also happens to be a fairly wide price, I believe that from the $6,500 Lingu Navitimer World Steel (this model contains the Ling Caliber 24 base Swiss ETA Valjoux 7750), of course, rises to about $ 60,000 Navitimer QP (Perpetual Calendar) 18 k Gold belt. Interestingly, the 18k gold version of the 4,300-meter-wide Breitling Navitimer 01 on the all-gold bracelet is about $11,000 cheaper and costs around $48,000.

As you can see, Swiss Breitling Watches has a beautiful Navitimer company that has achieved great success in sales, but as a consumer, your choices are amazing. For me, the best-looking Navitas watch has a “panda dial” that, like this watch, has a black face, while the white sub-dial is contrasting. This marks a key element of the “Navitimer look” and I think many consumers are looking for it. Despite this, the Navitimer dial is available in several versions, including black, silver, blue and brown.

In fact, this is the second comment we posted on aBlogtoWatch about breiting Navitimer 01. Here, you can read our Max comment on the Breitling Navitimer 01 watch in 2012. This article tells why a person who likes a watch is an engineer and he really wants a navigator. My goal is not to repeat what Max has said, but to talk about Breitling Navitimer 01 from my own perspective. In gold, the watch does change the feeling, I really think this is one of the few luxury watches that you can wear in gold and still encounter the actual in many respects. Ling Navitimer is a non-showy high-end watch (still a bit gorgeous of).

Breitling Navitimer’s purpose-driven design is its savior, when it is no longer a pretentious timer. The design of this watch is not about appreciating, nor about the ability to display, nor about the history of the pilot’s use of the watch, which makes you understand why in the era before the computer appeared, the watch was added with a timer and a sliding ruled border. Will appear in people’s hands. In the 1950s, when Breitling Navitimer was first introduced, it was important to have a timer with a built-in sliding rule calculator border.

Nowadays, no one (in most cases) uses this feature, but they still appear on the watch, no one produces a slider border, and no one produces Breitling. Under your fingers, they have silk. Smooth and precise. As a watch nerd, here is an aBlogtoWatch article that explains how to use the slide rule border (for most people who haven’t used it yet). The sliderrules are one of many features with historical features found on mechanical watches. A simpler example is a tachometer similar to the one used to measure distances. You can also find it on a timekeeping sports watch. In the era of pre-electronic computing, many of these scales were used for calculations and are still used as design symbols for watches. One can make the point that these elements are simply useless to be measured by today’s standards. I don’t object, but I can tell you that these timers won’t feel the same without them.

There is a complete mechanical “tool” on the wrist, which is a unique and obvious romance, just like it is, with a simulated beauty and a touch of pleasure. While the manual chronograph and the slide rule calculator watch the top border (not to mention the spring-powered tracking method) provide precise value in today’s data-obsessed small world, the analog and digital nature information shows more similar to our own brain. Look at the reality. Therefore, watches like the Breitling Navitimer, as well as many corresponding watches, have not been defeated because of the lack of modernity and obsolescence, because we have not found better things as human beings to replace the familiarity of mechanical and electronic machines that we are familiar with. .

In my opinion, collections like Breitling Navitimer reflect this concept and have always been an important part of watch design. It really is not about the attraction of flying and the challenges of pilots. It is more about the intrinsic calculation of a person using the natural world than the limit of our own inner feelings, thanks to the use of tools.

You might say that my overall appeal to Navitimer or mechanical watches is too deep. Perhaps, my level of analysis is deeper than some people, but as far as I am concerned, those who are very capable and very intelligent are still obsessed with elaborate, last-generation techniques that are worth pondering (and answering). I really want to get the watch we shared with it!

In 18k red gold, 430mm wide (14.25mm thick, 30m waterproof), the fully polished Navitimer box looks almost no better. At first, I was worried that black, white, and gold (with hints of red) might cause too much color in the watch palette – but it wasn’t. Despite the clutter and mix of obvious fonts, marks, hands, finishes and tones, the Breitling Navitimer 01 on the gold pulls everything out. Some of the best moments in nature are very simple as to view contrast subdials (panda dial) from a distance in the mirror (and appreciate them looking cool) as well as enjoy light play hands and how to apply hour mark dials through the dome AR -coated sapphire crystals.

This “moderate size” would be a good fit for most people who are starting Navitimer because it’s just right. Make the Navitimer bigger, as in the Breitling Navitimer 01 46mm, and it still looks good, but only if you have a very large wrist to support the extra size. This is not the type of watch that you need to “wear big” internally to make it look good. You already have the benefit of a fairly thin border that maximizes the visible dial size.

Considering the complexity of dialing, legibility is better than you think. Small touches, such as bumpy guides and generally used rough surfaces (except pointers and hour markers) allow the navigator to maintain a very useful look. Breitling is of course proud of the 18k red gold “B winged B” logo below 12 o’clock. I also like how dates do not affect any metrics.

Considering the main functional nature of Navitimer, it has never been considered a “blingy” watch, although it has a compelling feature, such as a fully polished casing, in this case it is rendered in 18k red gold. Steel and gold wearers can be together, more or less seeing the same wrist. The gold dial reads: “I am essentially a tool watch enthusiast, but I have enough money to buy a gold watch for myself, so I did it.” “There is nothing worth to show off on this watch, it is Selected for very personal reasons – this is another reason why I think Breitling continues to be successful in the Navitimer series.”

Breitling’s internal caliber 01 movement is a very reliable and capable automatic timer that can be used to upgrade the Valjoux 7750 in the basic model of the Navitimer world. With its classic symmetrical “three-beat” timing device layout, 01 Sport offers a complete 12-hour chronograph with time and date, with a maximum power of 70 hours and a frequency of 4 Hz (28,800 bph). This is actually a pretty good-looking action, and unfortunately, this version of the Breitling Navitimer 01 has no exhibits. I have also seen other models of Navitimer with internal activities and sapphire crystal sashes, but this is not one of them.

When I was initially afraid to enjoy a quick navigation, it was based on the fact that I was worried that the slider would distract me, it was useless, and I might think that the dialing was not clear enough. I am happy to say that after experiencing a lot of wear and tear, I don’t think these two issues will affect my core evaluation of the brand. Although I can’t say that I took the time to use the sliding rules, I really like to turn the smooth border, and the dial’s legibility (and illuminator) is very good. I also happened to find the gold print on the black dial on this 18k red gold model.

If you can afford a golden Breiting Navitimer, then if the comments above are attractive to you, you might be worth the time to buy it. Otherwise, the steel version will work well, and in Breitling’s internal movement, you can get a lot of historical value from the brand, and modern packaging is still a completely “Breitling” product. “It’s not everyone’s favorite, but Breitling Navitimer 01 is a well-made, handsome, masculine watch that you can find on a recognizable watch that is both sexy and cool.” Breitling Navitimer 01 ref RB012012|BA49|435X|R20BA. The 18k red gold price is $20,805.

Breitling Exospace B55 Connected Watch Review

Recently retired astronaut Scott Kelly mentioned in an interview with Scott Kelly, the brand new Breitling Replica Watches ambassador in the UK, in his opinion, like Breitling Exospace B55 Connected (in This is the first time that a smart watch will become a future for professionals to wear in space. Of course, he means that traditional watches not only play an important role in continuous time accuracy and precision, but the potential of watches to interact with other systems is almost critical to their development.

I reviewed the Breilting Exospace B55 about a year after the first purchase of an Apple Watch, and today after the first launch of the B55 Smart Watch concept in 2015. The smartwatch industry is growing and evolving, although the current conservative technology industry’s attack on smart watches is not as fast as mainstream consumers think people should buy new TV or mobile technology. Let’s face it, it will take a while before the smart watch shines. Before that, there will be countless experiments on how to display smart watches and the technology that is constantly improving. For me, this means that it is an exciting time to live now, because I am not reporting a mature market or even a mature product. On the contrary, as we gradually entered the era of wearable technology, I began to enjoy the history that was being formed. Wearable technology will inevitably include many smart connection devices worn on the wrist.

Breitling exodeb55 connect is not a competitor to Apple Watch or Android Wear, but offers a way to interact with the traditional concept of wearing a watch. In fact, you don’t need to use your watch as a smart watch at all. You can enjoy the Breitling Exospace B55 as easily as a “disconnected” watch, which will have most of the same features as other quartz-based Cheap Breitling Replica Watches timers. In a sense, this is very different from a device with a relatively short user lifetime. In fact, let me review from the battery life.

In the user manual, Breitling includes a chart containing a series of average battery life. They don’t even call it “battery life,” but “autonomy,” or the time the watch can stay away from the charger. The watch’s charge is connected to the box via a chord that includes usb through a small magnetic clip. It works very well, but the point I don’t like about this system is that if you are charging on the road or in a bag, the cable is easily disconnected.

Full “brightness” (brightness) screen, plus Bluetooth connectivity and notifications (beep and vibration), the internal lithium-ion battery has an estimated life of 15 days between charges. This is not too bad. You can drink a few more juices without notice. By lowering the “strength” a bit, you can use the notification plus the connection to reach about 25 days of power. However, if you turn off the connection and turn the brightness of the backlight down a bit, you can get more than 50 days of power. I have to say that these figures are not too bad compared to other products in the industry.

The smart watch connected to the Breitling exodeb55 is undoubtedly the most expensive non-precious metal case smart watch I have ever tested. It is much higher than the $1,500 TAG Heuer watch, which costs about $9,000. A reasonable question is whether the money is worth it, but the discussion actually started with “Well, it gave up before doing anything else.” “Products will inevitably have technology that is not advanced a few years later, yes, this price is a lot of features. Ling tools observe that there is no other high-end viewing space of similar competitors, the typical watch buyer population makes more sense.

The principle of the Breitling Exospace B55 connecting a smart watch is very clever. Instead of using the watch as the second screen of the phone, it is better to use the phone app as the second screen of the watch. In addition, you can choose to send basic notifications to your calls, text messages or other notifications. These incoming notifications are easy to notice, but the purpose is relatively simple.

The Breitling exodeb55 networking app connects to your watch via Bluetooth, allowing you to do all sorts of things on your watch from your phone. This is important because the use of these “super quartz” analog-digital Fake Breitling Watches for a long time is a pain. With two small LCD screens, one crown and two putters, it’s not easy to navigate the user interface or adjust all the settings. The app allows you to use the features of the watch more easily – doing so, including setting the time, changing the calendar function, setting alarms, setting various timers, timers, and more. If you have one, this app allows people to study the features more easily, but does not require you to go from watch to phone.

The idea is that when you set up your watch before the “task” (after all, this is a pilot style watch), you can get all the information you need on your wrist, if necessary, you can refer to the application to make changes. Or get more information. Again, all the information can be found on the dial, but the app just opens up new options to make things easier.

Returning to Mr. Kelly’s topic, he believes that this feature will be greatly developed in the future, allowing the watch to access a variety of aircraft / ship / process systems, while operating as a controller and connected to all other information terminals. The fact remains that you often look at your wrist and look for the necessary information you need to know, without being replaced by any other method. Because of this, although the industry is still in its infancy, the demand for and demand for high-quality smart watches remains high.

However, Bretlin is not a baby producing watches, and this practice has been going on for more than 100 years. The company is not a technology company, but in addition to mechanical watches, they continue to produce many high-end electronic quartz watches. Most other luxury watch brands do not produce quartz watches. Involved in the field of technology and traditional watches, Breitling Replica has a unique view of emerging smart watch technology, which is beyond their competitors. It enables Breitling to use their skills and experience to understand how people and professionals use watches to help their new line of smart watches more directly serve demanding customers. At least, the logic is like this.

The app on this watch works very well, and it’s hard to review it, given that the software is constantly updated. I simply said that this app looks beautiful and that it is more or less straightforward to use. Most of it is what you expect, and I like that you can adjust the settings on your watch without having to play around with the watch’s user interface.

The basic functionality of the Breitling Exospace B55 connection is very similar to other quartz watches from aerospace. This watch has a Swiss thermal compensation quartz (SuperQuartz) movement, which can automatically be accurate to about 10 seconds per year, of course, it can also be updated according to the time of the phone. In addition to the two time zones (which you can easily exchange), the main features of the watch include a series of timers (such as continuous task timers and timers for instant use), countdown timers, alarm clocks and calendars. Among these features, there are some more professional features that I won’t do (mainly because I am not a military pilot and I don’t need these features).

The dial and case of this watch have changed slightly from the Breitling Aerospace Evo launched in 2013. This case is black PVC coated titanium, 46 mm wide (15.25 mm thick, waterproof 100 m), although it is large in size, it is comfortable to wear on the wrist. Around the dial is a rotating, timed frame with a sapphire crystal plated with ar. Because of the new electronic modules and batteries, thicker casings may be as large. Still, this watch is no different from many other modern Best Breitling Replica Watches. Although the new generation of aerospace players loves me less than the previous generation, Breitling does a good job, although I prefer them in blue.

You can choose to “park” the watch’s hand, which means they will move away from the screen – but remember to move them back and you can double click on the crown. In most cases, using a watch is straightforward, but to be sure, in order to understand (or remember) how certain features work, you need to refer to the instructions.

Even if you don’t need the extended features of these quartz-based Breitling “professional” watches, the B55-connected Breitling Exospace can make your everyday wear more comfortable, and I also like the fact that I don’t need to charge it often. I have to admit that although I don’t use the smartphone app to look at it often, I like to watch it, the simpler the notification, and the ability to do more watch functions such as adjusting the alarm on the watch and actually using it. . When it comes to the user interface, I am quite picky, so for me, a project is just not functional enough – it needs to have accessibility features.

In addition to the first launch of the Breitling Exospace B55 connected to the blue hand, with the blue and black “TwinPro” rubber strap, Swiss Breitling Watches also introduced a more conservative gray hand with a gray or black rubber strap watch. The strap does need to be cut to the right size, but the matching titanium folding unfolding buckle can be fine-tuned according to size during flight, which is good.

I really like the internet function of Breitling Exospace B55, although I realize its “controversial nature”, for a typical smart watch, it is very expensive, for traditional Swiss luxury watches, its Internet access is also too powerful. It rides two worlds of decent work, in many ways it should be used by professionals to test and evaluate its characteristics, hopefully the spirit will continue to make more and more watches meet the dreams of Scott Kelly’s astronauts Wear your own wrist. Refer to the price of VB5510H2|BE45|235S|V20DSA. The Breitling Exospace B55 connected watch costs $8,900.


The breiting super ocean traditional chronograph watch costs about $40,000. If you haven’t noticed, pricing does not always seem to make sense in the watch industry. Sometimes, other interesting watches are destroyed by retail prices, and these prices only disturb consumers’ sense of rationality. Sometimes these prices are too high, sometimes the price is fair, but consumers do not understand or understand the reasons for high costs. In either case, pricing practices often do not integrate with consumer expectations or perceived value. Considering the highly active watch enthusiasts and the conversations they contain, this may be the biggest “problem” faced by the luxury goods industry. They seek to confirm or reject many decisions made by the watch industry.

At Baselworld in 2016, Cheap Breitling Replica Watches shared with us the new “Time and Space Worm” version of the Super Marine Heritage. “Chronoworks” is a term I haven’t heard of before Breitling. It sounds like their version of the audio and video store. They adjust their actions for better performance. In this case, the Breitling Chronoworks team started with the self-made Breilting caliber B01. Breitling pointed out that after the “optimization” of their “performance lab” (Chronoworks), the “five innovations” of this movement are now called “caliber BC01.”

What is innovation? The problem is not “what” but “if” these add up to Breitling’s proposed price. The chronometric performance laboratory’s innovations in motion include ceramic substrates and gear-drive bridges (relative to metal), silicon wheels, silicon escapements, variable inertia wheels, and elastic tooth profiles. This all sounds cool, but what is the actual cost and what is the performance gain?

All of these features are actually intended to do something. The first is to reduce the tendency of parts to wear, reduce friction, eliminate magnetic effects, increase accuracy, and reduce use time. Swiss Breitling Watches didn’t mention all of them, but I can tell you the meaning of these parts. Interestingly, all these have caused great controversy in the traditional watch industry. This is related to the fact that metal parts are being replaced by non-metallic parts. If these actions are still mechanical, why do you have to make a fuss?

Some watch manufacturers are concerned that, unlike metal parts that can be relatively easily duplicated, parts such as ceramics or silicon parts will not be easily copied in the future when repairs or repairs are required. This is technically correct, but it is based only on existing technologies. We just don’t know if there will be a technology for the rapid production of silicon or ceramic parts in the near future. However, I do agree that the availability of future parts is a problem for non-metallic moving parts.

Another unreliable (for me) complaint about non-metallic parts is that, unlike traditional steel, brass, gold, etc., the surface of non-metallic parts cannot be decorated. This is to some extent correct. You can polish the ceramic, but you can’t really sculpt it. Silicon, you can’t do anything at all. At the end of the day, these parts won’t be as attractive as metal parts. They asked, if the watch is not beautiful, why use a mechanical watch?

I appreciate this view, but I don’t think it will stand up in the long run. In my opinion, watch brands are obliged to provide consumers with choices, and consumers choose what they want to invest in. For those who can afford the refined and beautiful people of Philippe Dufour, it is easy for them to sacrifice pure performances in exchange for beauty. People want a reliable everyday wear, not an electronic watch, which may be a better sporting service made up entirely of non-metallic parts. Indeed, I hope we are moving in this direction. Brands like Ulysse Nardin and Breitling Replica Watches have spent years researching non-metallic parts. When will we see the industrialization movement without metal or very little metal?

From a performance standpoint, BC01 sport has a 100-hour energy reserve, which is 70 hours above B01. This is the only real metric I think Fake Breitling Watches has posted on improving performance. However, I believe I heard that they mentioned a 75% increase in performance between BC01 and B01. I am not entirely sure what this means, but the 75% increase in accuracy and reliability seems promising. Perhaps even $40,000 – promised to the right collector.

In addition, the sport will continue to operate at 4Hz (28,800 bph), including a 12-hour timer, date, and, of course, time. Through the watch’s sapphire crystal case, you can see the movement of the watch. Obviously, it is different from the inventory B01 of all black parts and some unique elements. In spite of this, it seems to me that there are too many parts that are not yet completed at the time of processing, and at these prices, I think some consumers may expect some manual processing. Why wear a sports watch? It’s really part of the Performance Lab in the world of high-end watches. I think that the expectation of many consumers is that if Breitling Replica tells the story of how they will move their stock and hand it to a special timekeeping lab that they make, then this sport will run better. The effect will be better.

For me, this is a value proposition that can be equal to $40,000. I want Chronoworks watches to be a fraction of the sales price of more or less the same sports watch brands, but …. highly functional and decorative. For example, if Porsche hand-shaped body panels and carefully adjusted engine, hand-made several Carrera models. It’s like a wagon that only crazy collectors can appreciate. Well, this is at least my opinion on Breitlin’s possible future perspective. Brettling can choose to use them together with their chronology.

In addition to the BC01 movement (which, of course, is the certification of the COSC Astronomical Clock), just as anyone cares, there are now standards that are much higher than the standard. Here’s why COSC doesn’t make their games better.) The quality of the shell is really good in terms of polish and overall feel. This dial also has a unique design that is different from other Breitling Superocean watches. I don’t think it’s an upgrade, but it’s a bit different. I like to see brands like the Breitling experiment.

Matching the 100-meter waterproof black ceramic housing is a new rubber strap (“Aero Classic”) that looks like a Breitling mesh metal bracelet, which you can find in other versions of the Breitling Superocean heritage. I do think that Breitling should include this strap, in addition to a black-coated steel or titanium plate of other polished stencil metal bracelets. This will help the watch’s value proposition to be a bit more. Rubber is a good thing, but in terms of performance, you just can’t beat a good metal bracelet.

It is difficult to predict where Breitling will take their time-varying products. They certainly need to share this story better and explain the source of the value. In addition, I think this may be Breitling’s “over-engineering lab” where their core inventory watches sometimes become incredibly limited editions that are carefully sorted and adjusted for performance in any mass-produced product. It is meaningless.

To get things back to reality, the Breitling Superocean Heritage in Valjoux 7750 is priced at about $6,000, while the Chronomat watch in Breitling b01 is priced at about $9,000. Breitling’s offer for 100 limited-edition bs0161e4/BE91-256S Breitling Superocean Heritage Chronoworks is even higher with a retail price of $39,295.

Charming Black Dials Replica Breitling Colt Skyracer Watches Presented By Ji Sung

Are you interested in challenging? Are you fond of exploring unknown areas? If you are such people, you can take the novel Breitling Colt Skyracer replica watches sales together with you because they can fully reflect your dynamic and enterprise.
Energetic Ji Sung’s Love For Breitling Colt Skyracer

The Korean actor Ji Sung is also a curious man, so he worn the Swiss Breitling replica watch with SuperQuartzTM movement to experience the Breitling spirit. Just with simple jacket and sunglasses, he skillfully interpreted the cool feature of the watch.
High-end Breitling Colt Skyracer
Unique Design

Black in cases and straps, the forever fake watches for men apply the new Breitlight® material that is quite lighter than titanium and steel, but more sturdy. As a result, the watches are strongly scratch-resistant and corrosion-resistant.
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Breitling Colt Skyracer Replica Watches With White Arabic Numerals

In addition, the SuperQuartzTM Calibre 74 ensures higher accuracy and stability for the fake watches with black rubber straps online no matter which condition they are faced to.
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